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"ALIEN: The Musical" Rating - ATTN Parents


Please read below for an important announcement concerning ticket purchases for our “Alien” Production.  (Spoilers revealed under the SPOILER ALERT heading below!).

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kids under 7 are not recommended to attend.

The storyline of this production is not appropriate for all ages. There are some elements and moments that are a little intense for some children. The story is of a caliber that it requires a certain level of understanding, so that a small child will need to have it explained to them.  An older child will be able to articulate questions about what they’ve seen and heard, and the viewing can an educational one.

For this reason, we are giving “ALIEN: The Musical” what the MPAA would call a Y-7 rating. This means no kids under 7 are recommended to attend. If you choose to bring your child, you will be responsible for their theater etiquette in addition to the effect the play will have on them.

We strive to produce stories with purpose that engage our audiences in real life, relevant issues. This means that sometimes our content is not appropriate for all ages. This particular production contains themes and messages children under 7 would have difficulty understanding.



The word “hell” is used in song.

The word “pissed” is used in song.

There are multiple references to alcohol, and scenes in a pub.

There are 2 euphemisms used for intimate relations.

A character dies from gun violence.

There will be two scenes, a total of 90 seconds worth, of physical violence, limited to some beating, and wrestling characters to the ground.


We guarantee this production contains meaningful themes, and thought provoking moments that some kids will benefit from, but we concede, it is not for all kids, and you parents would know best.  We thank everyone for their understanding, and are so excited to share “Alien: The Musical” with you.


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