The Arts at Center Street

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The Arts at Center Street is a performing arts center and home to the Arts at Center Street Theatre Company, located in Nashville, TN.

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There is a tension between advancing a career and making time for the people you love. No matter how gifted someone is, or how successful they’ve been at overcoming limitations, everyone has to confront the reality of death and the constraints of time.

BREATHE, A New Musical joins the brilliant Dr. Walker on a mission to save his daughter’s life. Caught in the conflict of negotiating the rules set by the administrative powers and their conservative position to maximize profits, Dr. Walker is determined to do whatever it takes, but can he overcome the power of sickness and death, trading in what time he has left with those he loves? Or will he risk losing those final moments in order to work and maybe, save them from dying?

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BREATHE is approximately 3 hours in length with a 10-minute intermission. This is a family-friendly production. We recommend children ages 5 and above attend.


Nov 10 Fri


7:00 PM

Nov 11 Sat


7:00 PM

Nov 12 Sun


5:00 PM

Nov 16 Thurs


7:00 PM

Nov 17 Fri


7:00 PM

Nov 18 Sat


7:00 PM

Nov 19 Sun


3:00 PM

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