The Arts at Center Street

Local, Original, & Meaningful.

The Arts at Center Street is a performing arts center and home to the Arts at Center Street Theatre Company, located in Nashville, TN.

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Entry FAQs

Where do I submit my video?

You must upload your video to or some other video upload service and attach the link to that video in your application.

Is there a fee to enter?

There is no fee to apply to enter, but if you are accepted, you will have to pay the $300 performance fee which includes participation in the event where backline, a professional grade sound system, and photography are provided for your performance. (This fee is 100% recoupable with ticket sales, see below.)

What formats of video submissions will you accept? (youtube links, etc.)

All formats of video are acceptable as long as they playback through the copied link that you upload your performance to. Remember, you must submit a live recorded performance, and not a studio performance with overdubs.

Do you send a confirmation that an entry has been received?

Yes, you will have an automated response from the website indicating we have received your application. You will also receive notice of your acceptance to the performance weekend via the contact provisions in your application.

Can I submit more than one video per submission?

You can (a limit of 3), but not all reviewers will view every submission. All reviewers are required to only view the first submission link posted.

Can I submit multiple times, in multiple genres? If so, is there a limit?

There is no limit to the genres you would like to submit for - however, if it’s clearly not a genre associated with your style, it will be counted against your application score.

Can I submit into more than one category?

Yes, you can, but if your music is clearly not a genre associated with your style, it will be counted against your application score.

Does my submission video have to be an original song?

Only if you are submitting for the singer/songwriter category. Otherwise, you can submit a live recording of a cover.

Is there a maximum length to the videos?

Reviewers will stop watching your videos at a maximum for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Can I change my submission video once I've submitted one?

You cannot change it, but you can upload another video, but it may not be viewed.

Is there an email address I can send my audition video to?

Submit your audition video through the application section on the website.

Do the Judges listen to all the songs or how does the screening process work?

The judges/reviewers will listen to the first video link you posted, up to the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the video, and will fill out a scorecard for your performance. Those scorecards will help us to determine who will be performers at the festival.

Will you be providing feedback if my submission is not selected?


If my submission is selected, when and how will you contact me?

We will contact you through your preferred method of contact on your application.

Can I submit a video that isn't a live recording?


Artist/Group FAQs

Is there a maximum on the amount of members that can be in my group?

There is no maximum for group members, except that each member should have an actual contribution to the SOUND of the group.

Can I enter if I'm under age of 13, or if any group members are under age 13?


If myself or anyone in my group are under age 18, do we need a permission form to submit a video or perform?

You may need that for you to personally submit such to your video upload service, but once the link is given to us, we are merely viewers.

If I'm under age 18, do I need to bring a guardian with me on the day of the performance? What if a guardian cannot accompany me?

If under the age of 18, you will need either a parent or guardian who is over the age of 25 to accompany you.

Can I audition if I am not a U.S. Citizen?


The performers in my duo/group have changed, do I need to re-submit a video of our new duo/group?

Possibly. You must have a video that resembles the essential members of your group. Lead vocalist changes should be considered a need for resubmission.

Can I still enter if I am signed to label or publishing company?


Competition FAQs

If myself or my group is selected, what is the competition fee?

The performance fee is $300 per category. If you choose to compete in several genres, the second genre is $200, the third is $100.


What are the prizes for winning?

The winner of every genre will be entered into the final round and perform in the main auditorium on Saturday night. They will also be awarded a single song contract with Center Street Recording Studios (CSRS). 3rd place overall winner will receive the single song contract, plus a music video of the same song, also produced by CSRS. 2nd place will get a recording contract for a 5-song EP with CSRS. 1st place will get a 10-song contract with CSRS.

What if I make it to the final round but I cannot attend the 2nd day of the competition?

You will not be able to receive any of the prize awards related to your effort.

If I am selected, when is the competition fee due?

Your spot is only locked in by submitting your competition fee. You will lose your spot if your fee is not submitted within one-week of notification.

Will tickets be sold?

This is your unique opportunity to recoup your competition fee. The ArtsFest will split ticket sales with you - 50/50 - for all tickets you sell to the event. Tickets will be $10 per day, or $15 for the weekend. Technically, if you sold 30 weekend tickets, and 15 one day tickets, you would recoup your entire competition fee.

How will you track my ticket sales?

Tickets purchased online will have a drop down menu with your artist/band name to indicate who the purchase is connected to. Also, printed tickets are available, but will come at a cost to the artist/band for printing.

What is The Arts at Center Street?

The Arts at Center Street is a non-profit arts organization, chartered in the state of Tennessee for the purpose of advancing the arts through performance and education.

Is this ArtsFest associated with a church, religious organization or particular denomination?

The ArtsFest is not associated with a specific church, religious organization, or particular denomination. It will take place on the campus of Global Outreach Developments International, which is also a non-profit charitable organization, chartered in the state of Tennessee. However, The Arts at Center Street is a separate entity, and is responsible for The ArtsFest.


If I have read through all the FAQ's and I still have more questions, who do I contact?


The Arts at Center Street  |  401 Center St  |  Nashville, TN 37138  |  (615) 541-9716