The Arts at Center Street

Local, Original, & Meaningful.

The Arts at Center Street is a performing arts center and home to the Arts at Center Street Theatre Company, located in Nashville, TN.

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In the Dark

April 2013

Set in the 80's, Janet has invited her former co-worker Martin, a high class executive, to a dinner party where she has plans to impress him with where her life is now.  Her sister-in-law, Madge, has also invited her friend Lisa, in hopes of making a love connection, neither her or Janet knowing that Lisa is Martin's overworked secretary.  Plans are disrupted when some 'power issues' emerge and the 'Light Guy' is called in to fix the problem. Problems and personalities come out in the dark and everyone comes to see, there's more than a 'power issue' to be resolved.




The Arts at Center Street  |  401 Center St  |  Nashville, TN 37138  |  (615) 541-9716