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ALIEN: The Musical has been called heartwarming, and challenging. It is story about real people, living real life, and promises to provoke many tears, much laughter and great dialogue. You won’t want to miss it!


The historical amnesia related to American immigration is explored in the 3-Act Musical, "Alien." The play not only examines political issues, but also the social realities connected to emigration. Themes of class struggle, race, power, and generativity come to life in the intersecting stories of two families over the course of 100 years.

It’s amazing to me how easily we forget the past. Or how limited the scope of our memory is within the present. I wanted to explore the difficult issues related to race, immigration, labor, and discrimination, but not with a typical response. The issues are too complicated to respond to outside the power of a narrative. So this story is my attempt to respond to those issues and hopefully contribute to the discussion. Societies’ amnesia is the disease that causes us to repeat the mistakes of our past. Our failure to remember is our refusal to accept our vulnerable condition as human beings - that we’re all the same, and we all need a chance.
— Gregg D. Garner, Writer & Director of "ALIEN: The Musical"

"This musical was incredible. Very heart wrenching and eye opening. Beautiful reminder of how we are called to love and treat others. Highly recommend this show."
"Excellent! Very impressed! Bravo performance from the cast."
"Alien the musical is a great performance with a beautiful message.”
"Excellent people producing excellent and necessary art!"
"I've seen good performances at The Arts at Center Street before, but I wasn't expecting this. 'ALIEN: The Musical' reached deep to my conscience in a way that only live drama can. It's an awakening for those of us who've forgotten the courage it takes to love.
I can't comment about it without saying that the music and dialogue are outstanding - Gregg Garner is a truly gifted individual, and I'm so glad he shared his gift with us. The actors did an exceptional job of bringing it to life in characters I won't soon forget! #TeamDolan
The sincerity of this production touched my soul. If you experience it, you'll remember what it means to be human. I'm dying to see Alien: The Musical again!”

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